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Smiley Pits is a SAFE, ALL-NATURAL deodorant that has absolutely NO TOXIC CHEMICALS.  Smiley Pits is deodorant the entire family can feel great about wearing!

Smiley Pits is a fun way for the entire family to wear deodorant. It works great on kids and adults alike.  We are an all natural deodorant with none of the toxic chemicals found in drug store brands. Smiley Pits is safe and effective. It goes on smooth and lasts all day long!  Our special essential oil blends are kid approved and less likely to irritate sensitive skin like synthetic fragrances.

Go ahead -- Give it a try today!

Arrowroot Powder - Absorbs moisture
Baking Soda - Neutralizes odor
Organic Coconut Oil - Goes on smoothly and helps to kill bacteria
Beeswax - Helps keep a solid form in warmer climates or summertime
Cocoa Butter - Helps to go on smoothly
Tea Tree Oil - Helps to kill bacteria